Martin Atomic 3000 Stroboscoop DMX

Zeer krachtige stroboscoop van 3000 Watt met Blinder Functie.

Prijs: € 25,00 ex BTW



000 – 005 Blackout
00 6 – 249 Flash rate, slow to fast
250 – 255 Continuous “Blinder” effect


Chan 1: 000 – 005 Blackout
Chan 1: 006 – 255 Min to Max
Chan 2: 000 – 255 Flash Duration
Chan 3: 000 – 005 NO Flash
Chan 3: 006 – 255 Flash Rate
enable chan. 4 with Mode DIP switch no. 4 on.
Chan 4: 000 – 005 NO Effects
Chan 4: 006 – 255 Special Effects


The DMX control options are selected on the Mode DIP switch.
1-channel DMX mode allows you to strobe from 0 flashes per second to the maximum flash rate and trigger the blinder effect from the controller. To select 1-channel DMX operation, set pin 5 of the Mode DIP switch to on; set pins 1 to 4 to off.
3-channel DMX mode provides control of flash intensity, flash duration, and flash rate for more advanced control than 1-channel mode. To select 3-channel DMX operation, set pins 1 to 5 of the Mode DIP switch to off.
4-channel DMX mode provides six special effects in addition to flash intensity, duration, and rate control. To select this 4-channel DMX operation, set pins 1, 2, 3, and 5 to off; set pin 4 to on.
LAMP Gegevens:
This section describes the lamp options, the lamp power setting, and how to replace the lamp.
The lamp is electronically regulated to prevent overheating. Lamp regulation can be seen, for example, by the gradually decreasing intensity of the blinder effect.
The Atomic 3000 provides high and low lamp power settings. The high power setting provides maximum flash intensity; the low power setting reduces output by approximately 50 percent and extends lamp life. The setting is selected on pin 6 of the Mode DIP switch and applies regardless of the other switch settings.
Warning:Only Martin MAX-7 or MAX-15 lamps are approved in the Atomic 3000. Installing a lamp that is not approved may create a safety hazard or damage the fixture!
The Atomic 3000 is supplied in two models with different lamps: the Martin MAX-7 and MAX-15 xenon strobe lamps. The MAX-7 model will in theory accept AC power from 90 to 250 volts, but for optimum lamp life we only approve use with power rated from 100 to 120 volts nominal. The MAX-15 model will in theory accept AC power from 125 to 250 volts, but for optimum light output we only approve use with power rated from 200 to 240 volts nominal.